Must not be the music

Lately Hiphop has been getting a bad rep for the type of content that has been presented in the passed few years. From the songs that lacks meaning to our ears and mind to the images that’s hard to look at without shaking our heads in disappointment. But hiphop isn’t the only musical genre catching the heat. It’s also R&B, Country, Jazz, Gospel, Rock & Roll and Heavy Metal. Every avid listener of each genre says the same thing about the music they hold so dear to their heart. “It’s not the same like it use to be” or “Now that’s when we had music, I don’t know what that is they’re playing nowadays”. We all said it or heard somebody say it at one time or another. But hiphop is getting the worst of it, the image, the sound, the opinions is just getting drug through the mud. We feel it’s missing two ingredients that made it so special that’s Music and Lyrics. You take that and mix it with the Graffiti spray paint, breakdancing, scratching and mixing then top it off with the gold rope chain and Locs and you had a nice bowl of hiphop. Men loved it like a woman, Women loved it like a man many, many days and nights hiphop was all we had. It got us through those rough times, it made us think, laugh, and cry and we could relate to it on so many levels because it feels at times like those Rappers & Emcees (there’s a difference) made a particular song just for us depending on your current situation at that moment. But we also feel there’s another reason why the craft is so beat down  it’s not just the music, but it’s also the meddling of the Corperations “The Fat Cats”, “The Greedy Bastards”, “The Suits”. Who could give two shits about the art as long as the Major Label the artist is under is impressing their shareholders and and raising the (EPS) Earnings Per Share and increase their stock payouts. But they’re doing it at the expense of the artist and against the desire of the fans. If only the artists and the fans can take back the music, the craft, the creative control and the business hiphop and the other genres will go back to the way it was. Like when Kool Herc was scratching and spinning those records at the house parties in the South Bronx and created hiphop, Like when Little Richard took blues twisted it up created Rock & Roll, Like when The Carter Family & Jimmie Rogers out of Bristol Tennessee mixed Mountain Music with a ballad  and created Country Music, Like when Thomas A. Dorsey mixed Blues with Religious hymns and created Gospel. Like when Buddy Bolden mixed African Drums with European horns and created Jazz, Like when Cab Calloway mixed Blues and Jazz speeded it up and created R&B, Like when Cream mixed Blues and Rock and gave it a amped up, edgy, acid feel and created Heavy Metal. If they can get it back to where only the music mattered. Music would go back to being that mistress we fell in love with a lifetime ago. But it’s not dead it grows, it changes, it never stays the same. But we are desperately yearning for the sound and the feeling we had when hiphop and the other genres was new, fresh and vibrant but remember all we have to do is push play and our era is here until the next civilization. May Ol’ Skool Hiphop live forever, Peace

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