Sire Jukebox Joins GTR Again

Sire Jukebox returns to Graffiti Talk Radio to give us more Houston Hip Hop history and tell us about his upcoming documentary “From Ghetto Boys to Ghetto Boys A Documentary: The Evolution of Houston’s Greatest Hip Hop Group” Nothing Beats An Original.

Jukebox Ghetto Boy Interview

April 8, 2018 at 12:00PM (CDT – America/Chicago)

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Psyde Announces His Retirement

Legendary Chicago Rap Artists Psyde from the legendary group Psychodrama announces his retirement, teaches us about industry abuse, and lets us know what he plans to do about it. We were also joined by Chicago rap artists N.O.I.A. who gave us the history behind the Team Entertainment showcase and she also let us know what future projects to be looking forward to.

 Latest Albums

KN.O.I.A. – Heavies Only!! PsychoDrama Psyde – L.A.P.D Get That Dough (single)

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