The recent killing of upcoming rap stars PnB Rock and Takeoff from the group Migos has put Hip-hop in a state of emergency. Recently these young artists have been getting killed at an alarming rate in the past few years. What’s scary is the number of murders that’s been reported such as Nipsey Hustle, MO3, XXXTentacion, and Young Dolph, But what’s even more alarming is the number of unreported murders of artists who don’t make the news such as FNN Capone, K Smigz, Tum Gotti, PMF Adrian, Goonew, Cashout Geo, Cokeboy Flip just to name a few. The first reported murder of a major Hip-hop artist was DJ Shot La-Rock from Boogie Down Productions and since then there were reported murders of rappers but it was far in between and it was a shock to the hip-hop community. Our generation is still reeling from the after-effects of 2pac’s and Biggies’ murders, but this new generation is taking hit after hit, but Pac and Biggie were in their prime whereas these new artists were just hitting their stride. Some people want to blame it on the lyrical content where they’re rapping about murder, mayhem, sex, and drugs but let’s keep it real our generation rapped about it too but as a cautionary tale more like a message within the message. Now we can look at this situation from different angles, on one side you take it at face value and see it for what it is some folks accept it as people dying everyday it just so happen they have a status while other folks feel it’s more than what meets the eye, what’s beneath the surface is much deeper and more sinister than what’s on the surface.

I know the streets love nobody, but how do the record executives feel about this constantly happening on their watch. It’s time the executives, activists and billionaires come together and create a plan for more protection and preventative techniques for their artists. Even-though I personally haven’t listened to these artists it’s still a major concern for me because I still love Hip-Hop and it pains me to see the current state it’s in right now. The murder rate is at an all time high and to a certain degree it’s life imitating art. Hip-Hop is here to stay. Hip-Hop is here to stay but it needs attention. HIP-HOP FOREVER