71guy4-rnuL._SX355_When our generation of hiphop heads ask the question who’s their favorite rapper or asked to name their G.O.A.T. Whether it be a top five or top ten, one name definitely pops up multiple times and that’s MrMr.Scarface. As of right now Uncle Face has sixteen studio albums under his belt, ten solo & six with the Geto Boys. But out of this massive heap of hard beats and street lyrics I wanna focus in on one album, “The Diary”. You can call this masterpiece the street version of “Thriller”. Face had a hell of a team on this one, he had producers Mike Dean, N.O.Joe and his Uncle Eddie on Bass. Those who heard the album already know how great of a album it is, but what you don’t know is what went on during the making this classic. Scarface said in his book “Diary Of A Madman” that midway through the recording of the album he ran into a wall and broke his hand resulting in him having to record the rest of the album with his arm in a cast. It was also around this time J Prince had signed a distribution deal with Virgin Records, they were giants in the Rock and R&B areas but they were ready to get into hiphop, “The diary”  was the first hiphop album they distributed, but they didn’t wanna associate any of the songs with death so the singles that was put out “I seen a Man Die” was renamed “I Never Seen A Man Cry” and “Hand Of The Dead Body” was renamed “People Don’t Believe”. It was all Virgin getting into Hiphop but wanting to keep a clean image at the same time. But it didn’t slow down the momentum of the album at all because “The Diary” went on to sell over a million copies and got a well deserved 5 mics in “The Source”. It was such a good put together album that even Dr.Dre kept a copy in his studio as a reminder of how dope an album should sound. Twenty Three years later it still making heads bob, it don’t sound dated, “Hand Of The Dead Body”, “I seen A Man Die” & “Gz” are still relevant to this day with all the crazy happenings in this world we all can relate. Back then when it was white hot you heard it in every tape & CD player nowadays you can hear it on someone’s computer or phone. The Diary still has a strong presence in Hiphop especially in the South, the standout album in his Repertoire of Street Poetry. Solute to Scarface, the greatest to ever touch a mic. PEACE!!!!!!



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